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Science in the summer: SURE Science scholars learn by researching

The College of Science congratulates its 2015 SURE Science scholars! The SURE Science program offers students summer research opportunities that can foster meaningful, scholarly connections early in their academic careers and help define their professional career path. SURE Science is a program supported through the Undergraduate Research Frontiers Fund with generous philanthropic contributions from friends and alumni of the College.

The program offers summer scholarships to undergraduate students seeking a research experience to complement their academic experience. Students spend their summer actively engaged in research while working alongside faculty for an engaging, hands-on learning experience. They also make a difference conducting research that may solve societal problems and even contribute to the creation of new scientific knowledge.

Students benefit tremendously by applying what they learned in the classroom to actual problems. By actively participating in research, students gain valuable experience to help them prepare for graduate or professional school as well as to enhance their qualifications and build their resumes.  Last year students worked alongside faculty in areas such as:

  • Biosensor research developing a portable, at-home kidney test
  • Biophysics manipulating highly focused laser beams using holographic optical tweezers to move microscopic objects
  • Marine studies exploring dead zones in coastal marine waters to understand their impacts on ecosystems and people

2015 SURE Science scholars

Student researcher Major Faculty advisor
Brian Reed Josephson Biochemistry & Biophysics Dr. Michael Freitag
Nurhayati Wolfenden Biochemistry & Biophysics Dr. Ryan Mehl
Yu-Tin Hsiao Biochemistry & Biophysics Dr. Bo Sun
Eleonso Cristobal Biohealth Sciences Dr. Jan F. Stevens
Jenny Ngoc Nguyen Biohealth Sciences Taifo Mahmud
Isaac Shepard Biology Dr. Mark Novak
Griffin Moser Biology Dr. Andrew B. Buermeyer
Heather  Wisner Biology Theresa M. Filtz
Julia Anastasia Bingham Biology Mark Novak, PhD
Melissa Britsch Biology Dr. Bruce Menge
Tara Nicole Bonar Biology Dr. Jaga Giebultowicz
Sophie Means Biology Dr. Julie Greenwood
Lorraine K. Waianuhea Biology Dr. Virginia Weis
Yuriyah Reed-Harris Biology Dr. Julie Greenwood
Trevor Baley Biology Dr. Bruce Menge
Jacob Ramsey Chemistry Sean Burrows
Kenneth Stout Chemistry Chris Beaudry
Conrad Cartmelc Mathematics Debashis Mondal
Joel Donald Bowen Mathematics Weihong Qiu
Selena Callahan Microbiology Joy WaiteSCusic
Tristan Retzlaff Microbiology Dr. Bridget Hatfield
Bret Brandner Physics Matthew Graham
Sam Grimm Physics Matthew Graham
Lindsey Ferguson Zoology Patrick Chappell, PhD


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