Dean’s List: Fall 2016

Nearly 800 students make Dean’s honor roll

The College of Science is proud to announce that approximately 25% of our students—777 of them—made the Dean’s list for fall term 2016. This reflects a 9.4% increase in the number of students who have made the Dean’s Honor Roll since 2014. These students carry a minimum 12 credit hours and have earned a 3.5 grade point average.

The College is committed to advancing student success, quality of learning, diversity and equity through a highly engaged and dedicated team of faculty and advisors, who not only teach but also mentor and guide students to academic success and pathways so important to life after college.

Congratulations to these science students for their outstanding academic performance! We are proud of you.

Allen, Basil Biochemistry and Biophysics
Baker, Andrew R. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Bernards, Ann Marie Biochemistry and Biophysics
Brown, Nicholas S. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Buchanan, Michaela E. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Cao-Minh, Kevin Q. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Chau, Trisha J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Curfman, Jennah M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Dinh, Linh K. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Doshi, Raj D. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Embleton, Clark A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Filip, Annika T. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Fleck, Emma N. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Frey, Brooke E. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Galyon, Brooke M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Geisler, Mark S. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Gibson, True E. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Grutzius, Sonia G. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hakkila, Blake A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hakkila, Blake A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hamel, Emily A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hare, Kevin N. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Harger, Stephanie A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Hathaway, Michael T. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Herinckx, Molly A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Huss, Christiana M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Jackson, Kendra K. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Josephson, Rachel Biochemistry and Biophysics
Jujjuri, Anantha P. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kahler-Quesada, Arianna M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Karabinas, Isabella M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kasbohm, Jonquil C. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kelly, Avalon G. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kim, Joseph Y. Biochemistry and Biophysics
King, Finley H. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kong, Garth L. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kupperman, Michael D. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Le, Mai N. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Lin, Lisa Biochemistry and Biophysics
Lutz, Marisa S. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Marik, Charles K. Biochemistry and Biophysics
McIntire, Logan C. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Mikami, Anna Y. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Moore, Katlyne L. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Mueller, Monica J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Nako, Eni Biochemistry and Biophysics
O’Donnell, Ryan G. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Parent, Adrianna E. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Puoci, Victor M. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Reynolds-Lallem, Nadjalisse C. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Rostowsky, Kenneth A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Sato, William J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Schmidt, Ally J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Sloan, Lily C. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Smith, Delaney A. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Smith, Nicole P. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Stevens, Brenna L. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Trinh, Daniel S. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Vial, Karly J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Wallstrum, Alyssa G. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Wells, Kaitlyn N. Biochemistry and Biophysics
White, Cora L. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Whittle, Daniel G. Biochemistry and Biophysics
Alamoudi, Taiba A. Biology
Alcaraz, Maria L. Biology
Allen, Caitlin C. Biology
Amatisto, Alexis M. Biology
Ameigh, Caleb R. Biology
Amirah, Sharifah N. Biology
Anderson, Jackson R. Biology
Andrew, Alyssa C. Biology
Anuwar, Azraf Biology
Appleman, Emily A. Biology
Arceneaux, Brooke C. Biology
Armstrong, Lauren L. Biology
Bailey-Saucy, Cian R. Biology
Baker, Taylor M. Biology
Baley, Trevor D. Biology
Banskota, Swechya Biology
Belveal, Jennifer L. Biology
Benoit, Lindsey M. Biology
Berger, Josie R. Biology
Berger, Rachel M. Biology
Berner, Brynne Biology
Bonar, Thomas L. Biology
Boorn, Kolbe P. Biology
Bothwell, Bryce A. Biology
Braswell, Morgan S. Biology
Brink, Madison T. Biology
Bristow, Courtney R. Biology
Britsch, Melissa L. Biology
Brooke, Benjamin T. Biology
Brown, Juliana D. Biology
Burns, Grant C. Biology
Butler, Demitria E. Biology
Caldwell, Laurel M. Biology
Carlson, Aaron P. Biology
Chan, Chelsea T. Biology
Chase, Gillian M. Biology
Chave, Ryan D. Biology
Chen, Danny Biology
Cho, Hyun J. Biology
Christie, Jack T. Biology
Chun, Kimberly C. Biology
Clair, Ellis C. Biology
Coleman, Shanti Biology
Colussi-Pelaez, Mariana Biology
Colwell, Bryce A. Biology
Connell, Savannah D. Biology
Conroy, Elise K. Biology
Cook, Samuel A. Biology
Coon, Jedidiah W. Biology
Corvi, Elizabeth R. Biology
Crawford, Rebecca M. Biology
Cremin, Kayleen M. Biology
Criss, Megan A. Biology
Cruse, Casey E. Biology
Dang, Calvin Q. Biology
Dang, Kathy T. Biology
Danna, Lauren N. Biology
Dao, Hai Biology
Davila, Leone A. Biology
Davis, Beth Y. Biology
Decaire, Lilly A. Biology
Delgado-Padilla, Eddie A. Biology
Devens, Karley R. Biology
Deyoe, Ryne M. Biology
DeYoung, Michael Q. Biology
Dillree, Tanner W. Biology
Divine, Michael E. Biology
Donahue, Charlie R. Biology
Doran, Renee E. Biology
Eckel, Camille Biology
Edgerton, Joseph H. Biology
Ellett, Lindsey G. Biology
Ellis, Emily M. Biology
English, Mary K. Biology
Fernandez, Kiana L. Biology
Fischer, Tristan M. Biology
Folk, LilyAna C. Biology
Frey, Madeline J. Biology
Fu, Samuel D. Biology
Gaffney, Alisha M. Biology
Gaffney, John H. Biology
Gallagher, Molly J. Biology
Gamboa, Amanda R. Biology
Garcia, Salvador Biology
Geisler, Annabelle S. Biology
Geist, Annabella M. Biology
Gilray, Clarice K. Biology
Gnetti, Beatrice Biology
Goddard, Jonathon J. Biology
Goering, Alan M. Biology
Gollihugh, Breanna M. Biology
Gonzalez Cruz, Patricia Biology
Goodman, Sean P. Biology
Gopinatth, Varun Biology
Gosman, Andreea Biology
Gouw, Elina Biology
Graf, Alexa A. Biology
Grandquist, Matthew G. Biology
Gravley, Madison K. Biology
Gray, Ciera M. Biology
Graybeal, Morgan A. Biology
Griffin, Gillian L. Biology
Gruninger, Charlotte R. Biology
Guerre, Carolyn R. Biology
Guill, Allison L. Biology
Hambly, Jeilene N. Biology
Hamilton, Molly B. Biology
Hammerberg, Annabelle Biology
Hansen, Madelena K. Biology
Haque, Sakib T. Biology
Hart, Alexander A. Biology
Hartman, Rogue D. Biology
Hawthorne, Sierra L. Biology
Hettick, Cara M. Biology
Hilberg, Hanna E. Biology
Ho, Thi N. Biology
Hoang, Huy Biology
Hoang, Kim N. Biology
Holliday, Monica N. Biology
Holman, Douglas S. Biology
Holt, John B. Biology
Hom, Selena M. Biology
Hong, Peter B. Biology
Hoshovsky, Reed K. Biology
Huntington, Hannah T. Biology
Jachter, Shaina L. Biology
Jackson, Grace M. Biology
Johnson, Emily R. Biology
Joseph, Jayanthi J. Biology
Kang, Ji Won Biology
Kayhani, Kamron L. Biology
Keobounnam, Adella Biology
Kershner, Alexandria C. Biology
Kiefel, Claire A. Biology
Kim, Matthew T. Biology
Kim, Rachel H. Biology
King, Nadia J. Biology
Kirsch, Layton T. Biology
Kleiner, Harrison J. Biology
Koloszar, Alison E. Biology
Koukoumanos, Katerina H. Biology
Kumar, Tanushri M. Biology
Lam, Richard Biology
Lambert, Joshua J. Biology
Larson, Brandi M. Biology
Le, Christie N. Biology
Lebold, Haley E. Biology
Lehrburger, David J. Biology
Lew, Christina Y. Biology
Lewin, Emma M. Biology
Li, Dennis H. Biology
Liko, Leda Biology
Lohmolder, MacKenzie L. Biology
Lopez-Arellano, Rosio Biology
Lorenz, Melissa A. Biology
Lund, Danica L. Biology
Mahato, Prowshchal Biology
Matthews, Kinsey E. Biology
Maxwell, Morgan E. Biology
McGuire, Mitchell K. Biology
Meier, Emily K. Biology
Meier, William B. Biology
Meiling, Sonora S. Biology
Merhoff, Stephanie L. Biology
Metcalf, Mckenzie R. Biology
Miller, Bronwyn C. Biology
Miller, Donielle F. Biology
Miller, Madison D. Biology
Miller, Taylor N. Biology
Morgan, Zachary A. Biology
Moussaoui, Bushra Biology
Moussaoui, Ibrahim Biology
Munn, Grayson A. Biology
Myrick, Jane E. Biology
Nakasone, Jake Y. Biology
Nash, Trevor Biology
Ng, Justin Biology
Ngo, Vincent Biology
Nizich, Samantha M. Biology
Olsen, Molly A. Biology
Oppenheimer, Diana M. Biology
O’Shea, Johanna G. Biology
Parker, Ashley M. Biology
Parker, Meriah F. Biology
Payette, Jacob T. Biology
Pelker, Morgan M. Biology
Peterson, Teresa J. Biology
Peterson, Wyndser Biology
Peven, Skylar J. Biology
Plunk, Melanie R. Biology
Pyasetskiy, Aleksandr P. Biology
Ramras, Monique A. Biology
Reynolds, Bailey L. Biology
Richardson, Marquis T. Biology
Riley, Shannon L. Biology
Roberts, Claire E. Biology
Rooney, Eyreusalem R. Biology
Roshak, Anna C. Biology
Rynders, Nathan D. Biology
Saghira, Dorsa Biology
Sallada, Zoe B. Biology
Sather, Bergen K. Biology
Sengthep, Milan Biology
Shen, Natalie D. Biology
Siegel, Mikaela R. Biology
Slifka, Ariel M. Biology
Smith, Lyshuand R. Biology
Smith, McGwire J. Biology
Snyder, Nathaniel J. Biology
Sonnenfeld, Aubrey R. Biology
Stack, Meghan A. Biology
Staropoli, Matthew T. Biology
Stone, Cameron M. Biology
Storment, Thomas T. Biology
Stubbs, Kate N. Biology
Stuwe, Hannah Y. Biology
Sutherland, William D. Biology
Swanson, Emily A. Biology
Tan, Kenneth Biology
Thapliyal, Mrinal Biology
Thomas, Seth W. Biology
Thompson, Ronald D. Biology
Tisker, Lucia Biology
Ton, Hayden T. Biology
Toner, Miranda M. Biology
Topp, Leah N. Biology
Touchstone, Kyra N. Biology
Tran, Angela D. Biology
Tran, Marilyn V. Biology
Trinh, Derek T. Biology
Trudel, Marie E. Biology
Trzil, Mackenzie B. Biology
Turner, Sydney E. Biology
Vachon, Simone E. Biology
Vakulchik, Dmitriy V. Biology
Van Lehman, Luke D. Biology
Van Orman, Bryan G. Biology
Vasa, Alison H. Biology
Vasquez, Alena M. Biology
Vasta, Rachel L. Biology
Vazquez Lima, Silvia Biology
Victor, Ashley F. Biology
Villarreal, Sarah M. Biology
Vogt, Braden R. Biology
Waianuhea, Lorraine K. Biology
Walsh, Zielle M. Biology
Walter, Molly A. Biology
Walter, Sadie R. Biology
Watson, Amy E. Biology
Watt, Alexander T. Biology
Weller, Tana L. Biology
Wheeler, Anna L. Biology
Wick, Rebecca M. Biology
Williams, Krystal J. Biology
Wilson, Allyssa L. Biology
Wilson, Jaimie M. Biology
Woodruff, Heather E. Biology
Wu, William Biology
Xue, Han Biology
Yates, Ivan S. Biology
Yoo, Marivita S. Biology
Yu, Ying Y. Biology
Zinn, Alexandra D. Biology
Zuk, Nicholas A. Biology
Albrecht, Amy M. Chemistry
Aldous, Tanner J. Chemistry
Anderson, Jordan S. Chemistry
Ansari, Sufyan Ahmed Chemistry
Aponso, Savinda Chemistry
Ash, Kaitlyn Chemistry
Austin, Molly C. Chemistry
Bahro, Christopher B. Chemistry
Bali, Meghan Chemistry
Bierman, Jeffrey J. Chemistry
Bryant, Natalie C. Chemistry
Coddington, Nathan C. Chemistry
Conroy, Jocelyn J. Chemistry
Day, Blake W. Chemistry
Devine, Sarah J. Chemistry
Ferguson, Janet H. Chemistry
Fried, Zachary A. Chemistry
Fuller, Duncan D. Chemistry
Gonzales, Seth P. Chemistry
Hanson, Erin R. Chemistry
Hargrave, Haily K. Chemistry
Hoag, Morgan A. Chemistry
Hochstetler, Cory J. Chemistry
Hoffman, Zachary A. Chemistry
Humphreys, Hunter T. Chemistry
Kim, Maya J. Chemistry
Koga, Kenneth Y. Chemistry
La Jeunesse, Jesse L. Chemistry
Lachance, Jon-Luke Chemistry
Lafave, Derek A. Chemistry
Lee-Rouille, Taylor R. Chemistry
Lew, Cassandra I. Chemistry
Lindemann, Makayla V. Chemistry
Liu-May, Rachel Chemistry
Malone, Alexandra J. Chemistry
Marshall, Stephanie J. Chemistry
Matlapudi, Susmitha Chemistry
Moore, Kohlson T. Chemistry
Naas, Kayla M. Chemistry
Ocel, Duncan R. Chemistry
Palmiter, James S. Chemistry
Pina, Jasmine I. Chemistry
Potter, Kristin C. Chemistry
Rear, Henry R. Chemistry
Renaud, Richard I. Chemistry
Reynolds, Tyelor S. Chemistry
Richards, Maxson E. Chemistry
Rist, Benjamin D. Chemistry
Ruark, Collin I. Chemistry
Ryu, Jennifer A. Chemistry
Sandwisch, Jason W. Chemistry
Simpson, Avery M. Chemistry
Stout, Kenneth T. Chemistry
Tully, Sara D. Chemistry
Turner, Allison A. Chemistry
Vergis, John M. Chemistry
Walker, Mesa E. Chemistry
Liu, Mandy General Science
Phan, Anne G. General Science
Smith, Melissa R. General Science
Aimonetto, Michael C. Mathematics
Alshammari, Khalid A. Mathematics
Bean, Vanessa L. Mathematics
Beer, Connor S. Mathematics
Beeton, Chad D. Mathematics
Bennett, Bailey A. Mathematics
Berger, Caitlin M. Mathematics
Boehme, Jaden T. Mathematics
Boomer, Aaron M. Mathematics
Burke, Alexis V. Mathematics
Cooper, Kelly D. Mathematics
Davison, Margaret E. Mathematics
Duffin, Paul G. Mathematics
Edwards, Connor F. Mathematics
Faifaiese, Ruta Mathematics
Fitzsimmons, Tayler R. Mathematics
Flynn, Patrick T. Mathematics
Gordon, Cheyenne M. Mathematics
Hohbach, Rachel R. Mathematics
Holmes, Isabella G. Mathematics
Hoover, Trey J. Mathematics
Houdeshell, Joseph R. Mathematics
Hunter, Michael B. Mathematics
Ito, Gary S. Mathematics
James, Zachary D. Mathematics
Lee, Paul C. Mathematics
Lilly, Jeremy R. Mathematics
Liu, Jiaqi Mathematics
Liu, Xiaofei Mathematics
Long, Sheridan R. Mathematics
Main, Brittney R. Mathematics
McQuoid, Ian M. Mathematics
Means, Jasmine N. Mathematics
Netz, Anthony J. Mathematics
Pacosa, Katie Mathematics
Park, Daniel K. Mathematics
Pitman, Sean M. Mathematics
Redle, Michael T. Mathematics
Scarborough, Melissa A. Mathematics
Shoger, Ross O. Mathematics
Smith, Caleb A. Mathematics
Sousa, Rachel S. Mathematics
Steele, Monica N. Mathematics
Stevens, Katherine L. Mathematics
Tallan, Katherine S. Mathematics
Taylor, Dylan J. Mathematics
Tran, Nguyen V. Mathematics
Tro, Sara K. Mathematics
Ubaldo-Zurita, Daisy Mathematics
Versteeg, Shelby K. Mathematics
Wiesner, Cameron J. Mathematics
Womack, Finn E. Mathematics
Wong, Celeste M. Mathematics
Wooldridge, Logan F. Mathematics
Yanis, Urmas O. Mathematics
Acosta, Christopher J. Microbiology
Anthony, Emily J. Microbiology
Armstrong, Elyssa L. Microbiology
Balangue, Mark E. Microbiology
Bayer, Matthew W. Microbiology
Bickell, Jay L. Microbiology
Burk, Bailey K. Microbiology
Buswell, Caitlyn M. Microbiology
Canakapalli, Sushumna S. Microbiology
Cao, Annie L. Microbiology
Casey, Jorie L. Microbiology
Cenar, Cynthia Microbiology
Chung, Timothy S. Microbiology
Cozart, Jamison R. Microbiology
Dikeman, Daemon A. Microbiology
Donohoe, Julianna T. Microbiology
Dumancas, Cydney L. Microbiology
Duong, Dang M. Microbiology
Eno, Logan J. Microbiology
Ewens, Elise N. Microbiology
Fio, Dominic J. Microbiology
Garrett, Maranda M. Microbiology
Gerstner, Grant E. Microbiology
Gienger, Hannah L. Microbiology
Godil, Jamila Microbiology
Guennoun, Ranya Microbiology
Hergenrader, Vance Microbiology
Holler, Devon J. Microbiology
Huber, Megan E. Microbiology
Jadzak, Sophia E. Microbiology
Jensen, Michael Microbiology
John, Jenna C. Microbiology
Khan, Emaan M. Microbiology
Kim, Debbie B. Microbiology
Kirk, Ryan B. Microbiology
Labate, Gina-Marie Microbiology
Lawrence, Emily J. Microbiology
Lindman, Marissa L. Microbiology
Martin, Austin N. Microbiology
McCallum, Emily E. Microbiology
Moody, Christina M. Microbiology
Nawsher, Molla M. Microbiology
Patel, Karan A. Microbiology
Phan, Jacob T. Microbiology
Pritchard, Virginia C. Microbiology
Pugh, Kiley M. Microbiology
Quinn, Brendan J. Microbiology
Rackerby, Bryna R. Microbiology
Rodriguez, Diego J. Microbiology
Schaefer, Devon Z. Microbiology
Seim, Darian T. Microbiology
Seshadri, Rishi S. Microbiology
Sikora, Zbigniew A. Microbiology
Spielman, Kristin A. Microbiology
Stensrud, Brandon C. Microbiology
Stensrud, Colton D. Microbiology
Takemoto, Logan S. Microbiology
Therrell, Kenneth B. Microbiology
To, Andre H. Microbiology
Tornberg, Emma C. Microbiology
Trammell, Caleb W. Microbiology
Trifiletti, Sophia M. Microbiology
Tromblay, Kylen A. Microbiology
Tsai, Andy Microbiology
Tucker, Brennen R. Microbiology
Villagomez, Chloe C. Microbiology
Weaver, Alec J. Microbiology
Welty, Ryan R. Microbiology
Yusova, Sofiya Microbiology
Zhao, Haiya Microbiology
Zhou, Michelle H. Microbiology
Bachmeier, Bethany J. Physics
Baldwin, John A. Physics
Bauml, Benjamin N. Physics
Cheema, Karandeep Physics
Douglas, Brennan P. Physics
Eisenhauer, Alexander S. Physics
Gooding, John W. Physics
Goschie, Aaron J. Physics
Lance, Ryan A. Physics
McPherson, Katherine L. Physics
Meyer, McKenzie S. Physics
Miraflor, Chris J. Physics
Mullins, Austin C. Physics
Nichols, Dublin M. Physics
Nowak, Gabriel M. Physics
Plunkett, Garrett R. Physics
Ramm, Joshua J. Physics
Simpson, Tanner T. Physics
Suen, Evelynne I. Physics
Tollefsen, Ryan J. Physics
Tucker, Megan L. Physics
Tyma, Troy V. Physics
Vande Griend, Jacob W. Physics
Adams, Sabrina R. BioHealth Sciences
Alhadeff, Megan E. BioHealth Sciences
Allen, Kayla D. BioHealth Sciences
Almog, Ido BioHealth Sciences
Alontaga, Kaila BioHealth Sciences
Amneus, Megan N. BioHealth Sciences
Au, Timothy K. BioHealth Sciences
Azimi, Zachary R. BioHealth Sciences
Bae, Nathan N. BioHealth Sciences
Bales, Kelly A. BioHealth Sciences
Barredo, Victor A. BioHealth Sciences
Bastendorff, Nolan M. BioHealth Sciences
Baugh, Joshua M. BioHealth Sciences
Bodner, Katherine R. BioHealth Sciences
Bonner, Kaitlyn N. BioHealth Sciences
Booth, Georgeann C. BioHealth Sciences
Booth, Jennifer L. BioHealth Sciences
Bradley, Makai W. BioHealth Sciences
Bramlett, Jessica A. BioHealth Sciences
Brown, Hanna R. BioHealth Sciences
Bullock, Baylee A. BioHealth Sciences
Burcher, Charlotte R. BioHealth Sciences
Burgess, Lauren E. BioHealth Sciences
Carman, Taylor L. BioHealth Sciences
Ceja, Jose G. BioHealth Sciences
Chan, Stephanie K. BioHealth Sciences
Chen, Annie BioHealth Sciences
Chen, David W. BioHealth Sciences
Chen, Johnny BioHealth Sciences
Chen, Zixian BioHealth Sciences
Cheng, Chen BioHealth Sciences
Clark, Chelsea K. BioHealth Sciences
Clow, Audrey L. BioHealth Sciences
Cook, Abigail M. BioHealth Sciences
Corello, Heather L. BioHealth Sciences
Correll, Savannah T. BioHealth Sciences
Croswell, Jerad R. BioHealth Sciences
Crowley, Emily R. BioHealth Sciences
Damm, Alec D. BioHealth Sciences
Deisher, Justine X. BioHealth Sciences
Dozler, Ryan A. BioHealth Sciences
du Plessis, Lihani BioHealth Sciences
Duc, Lam T. BioHealth Sciences
Duong, Jennifer L. BioHealth Sciences
Duong, Jessica L. BioHealth Sciences
Duong, Tony BioHealth Sciences
Duquette, Madeleine C. BioHealth Sciences
Everett, Jeremiah P. BioHealth Sciences
Fortner, Sarah A. BioHealth Sciences
Frank, Taylor R. BioHealth Sciences
Frei, Macey K. BioHealth Sciences
Fuller, Gage A. BioHealth Sciences
Galligan, Shazeya L. BioHealth Sciences
Gaviola, Faith A. BioHealth Sciences
Goodrum, Elizabeth A. BioHealth Sciences
Gray, Tyler A. BioHealth Sciences
Halvorson, Kate M. BioHealth Sciences
Heilig, Hanna R. BioHealth Sciences
Heinrich, Ashley E. BioHealth Sciences
Henery, Kendall E. BioHealth Sciences
Higley, Alexander C. BioHealth Sciences
Hirsch, Lindsay N. BioHealth Sciences
Ho, Melanie BioHealth Sciences
Hoang, Hong Lien T. BioHealth Sciences
Hoang, Kelli H. BioHealth Sciences
Hooper, Morgan V. BioHealth Sciences
Horton, Hannah M. BioHealth Sciences
Howard, Cayley M. BioHealth Sciences
Hussen, Hawi A. BioHealth Sciences
Ismail, Alexi N. BioHealth Sciences
Jacob, William C. BioHealth Sciences
Kauffman, Madeline J. BioHealth Sciences
Kelly, Toni M. BioHealth Sciences
Kerzel, Maddie BioHealth Sciences
Khiev, Kennedi S. BioHealth Sciences
Kim, Gina H. BioHealth Sciences
Kim, Joeun S. BioHealth Sciences
Kim, Sara BioHealth Sciences
Kramer, Kelli L. BioHealth Sciences
Krautscheid, Stephanie M. BioHealth Sciences
Kuo, Stephanie M. BioHealth Sciences
Latta, Emma N. BioHealth Sciences
Le, Anthony T. BioHealth Sciences
Le, Kevin H. BioHealth Sciences
Lee, Christopher J. BioHealth Sciences
Lee, Sang J. BioHealth Sciences
Leija, Dominique A. BioHealth Sciences
Leslie, Casey T. BioHealth Sciences
Lewis, Dalton B. BioHealth Sciences
Li, Jessie T. BioHealth Sciences
Li, Joe K. BioHealth Sciences
Li, Xueer BioHealth Sciences
Lim, Alvina J. BioHealth Sciences
Lin, Zhan F. BioHealth Sciences
Liti, Siana BioHealth Sciences
Lux, Jerome J. BioHealth Sciences
Ma, Tiffany BioHealth Sciences
McAninch, Cristal B. BioHealth Sciences
Mcewen, Megan K. BioHealth Sciences
McKinney, Brielle L. BioHealth Sciences
Meier, Travis J. BioHealth Sciences
Merrifield, Baylee BioHealth Sciences
Metzger, Adrienne M. BioHealth Sciences
Meyer, Malia C. BioHealth Sciences
Mieras, Megan L. BioHealth Sciences
Migaki, Blake K. BioHealth Sciences
Miller, Hayden W. BioHealth Sciences
Morrell, Madison L. BioHealth Sciences
Moss, Madeline L. BioHealth Sciences
Moua, Elizabeth D. BioHealth Sciences
Munson, Logan N. BioHealth Sciences
Naemura, Robert W. BioHealth Sciences
Nagra, Alamjit K. BioHealth Sciences
Ngo, Nhu U. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Dan BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Hamy T. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Henry C. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Henry H. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Karen M. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Lananh H. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Steven BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Tien M. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Vy T. BioHealth Sciences
Nguyen, Xoan T. BioHealth Sciences
Nielsen, Rileigh J. BioHealth Sciences
Oh, Brian S. BioHealth Sciences
Oh, Stephen E. BioHealth Sciences
O’Hara, Nikolas D. BioHealth Sciences
Osborne, Kody Q. BioHealth Sciences
Osborne, Orin L. BioHealth Sciences
Osborne, Wyatt E. BioHealth Sciences
Ouanesisouk, Michael M. BioHealth Sciences
Passey, Marissa I. BioHealth Sciences
Patel, Kaelan R. BioHealth Sciences
Peebles, Marcella M. BioHealth Sciences
Perren, Nathaniel B. BioHealth Sciences
Peters, Bianca I. BioHealth Sciences
Pham, Terri T. BioHealth Sciences
Phan, Duy Q. BioHealth Sciences
Phu, Sydney N. BioHealth Sciences
Pillinini, Grace A. BioHealth Sciences
Pittam, Katherine E. BioHealth Sciences
Pivec, Mikayla D. BioHealth Sciences
Poon, Kevin BioHealth Sciences
Potts, Abbie E. BioHealth Sciences
Price, Conner G. BioHealth Sciences
Proteau, Alexis M. BioHealth Sciences
Putman, Leandra K. BioHealth Sciences
Renyer, Karissa N. BioHealth Sciences
Rochon, Bradley D. BioHealth Sciences
Rochon, Jacob L. BioHealth Sciences
Rodecap, Rachel M. BioHealth Sciences
Roe, Natalie C. BioHealth Sciences
Sanders, Carrie P. BioHealth Sciences
Santos, Evita T. BioHealth Sciences
Satrum, Alex D. BioHealth Sciences
Scarborough, Sarah A. BioHealth Sciences
Schaffer, Ryan W. BioHealth Sciences
Schier, Anamaria BioHealth Sciences
Sevillano, Macrina R. BioHealth Sciences
Sheely, Hannah J. BioHealth Sciences
Smith, Timothy L. BioHealth Sciences
Sorensen, Teresa K. BioHealth Sciences
Stateler, Cooper L. BioHealth Sciences
Staub, Madison N. BioHealth Sciences
Stephenson, Madison M. BioHealth Sciences
Stevens, Allison M. BioHealth Sciences
Stichter, Taylor J. BioHealth Sciences
Streblow, Cassilyn E. BioHealth Sciences
Taher, Raeesah BioHealth Sciences
Tat, Raymond BioHealth Sciences
Thai, Valerie H. BioHealth Sciences
Thomas, Sarah M. BioHealth Sciences
Tran, Billy X. BioHealth Sciences
Traylor, Emily J. BioHealth Sciences
Triance, Jake W. BioHealth Sciences
Tucker, James T. BioHealth Sciences
Van Volkenburg, Lexa A. BioHealth Sciences
Vo, Jessica M. BioHealth Sciences
Vrontakis, Alexis C. BioHealth Sciences
Wagner, Christian M. BioHealth Sciences
Wardan, Sydney K. BioHealth Sciences
Week, Tiana S. BioHealth Sciences
Welch, Owen T. BioHealth Sciences
Weligodapola, Chethiya BioHealth Sciences
Wise, Jessica N. BioHealth Sciences
Withycombe, Brendan M. BioHealth Sciences
Wolfe, Briana H. BioHealth Sciences
Wolfe, Mandy N. BioHealth Sciences
Wong, Erica L. BioHealth Sciences
Wright, Sara J. BioHealth Sciences
Wu, Wen C. BioHealth Sciences
Yang, Bona BioHealth Sciences
Yasuhara, Kanon BioHealth Sciences
Yeager, Tyler S. BioHealth Sciences
Yip, Salena BioHealth Sciences
Young, Lauren A. BioHealth Sciences
Yu, Yan W. BioHealth Sciences
Zepeda, Laura C. BioHealth Sciences
Zhan, Edmond G. BioHealth Sciences
Allen, Sydney E. Zoology
Blood, Rachel A. Zoology
Brandon, Kristin R. Zoology
Bright, Rebecca C. Zoology
Brostrom, Riley N. Zoology
Carlson, Austin C. Zoology
Chase, Michelle R. Zoology
Cox, Emily M. Zoology
Crowder, Kjerstine K. Zoology
Erwin, Samantha R. Zoology
Ferguson, Lindsey G. Zoology
FitzClemen, Brynn E. Zoology
Frank, Cameron A. Zoology
Gilgan, Allesondra N. Zoology
Good, Jessie K. Zoology
Green, Melanie K. Zoology
Gruesbeck, Courtney R. Zoology
Hiebel, Katrina A. Zoology
Jones, Jessica M. Zoology
Knodel, Sarah A. Zoology
Layden, Tamara J. Zoology
Marsch, Brianna A. Zoology
Matthews, Elissa A. Zoology
McCleary, Shoshanna S. Zoology
McMullen, Kendra J. Zoology
Mcward, Megan E. Zoology
McWhorter, Madeline R. Zoology
Nelson, Zoey N. Zoology
Niebel, Christiana M. Zoology
Oberg, Megan L. Zoology
O’Donnell, Andrew M. Zoology
Ortega, John B. Zoology
Peplin, Daniel T. Zoology
Regan, Bridget H. Zoology
Rubin, Mark C. Zoology
Siddel, Michael E. Zoology
Smith, Grant A. Zoology
Spence, Jordan R. Zoology
Sturman, Samantha C. Zoology
Vise, Ruby S. Zoology


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